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ApiAfrique reusable menstrual pads are made for anybody looking for a comfortable, reliable backup solution. Affordable, easy to use and available in 4 sizes to fit every need.Highly absorbentRe-usable up to 400 times (between 2 to 5 years)GOTS certified cotton and OekoTex PUL for waterproofness2 wings closing with snapsFreedomComfortNo irritationMade in SenegalAvailable in 4 convenient sizes:Thong liner: 15.5 cm long/ 6.5 cm widePerfect for thongs, this pad is ideal for the beginning or the end of your period or for vaginal discharge.

It is perfect as light backup for a menstrual cup.

Panty liner: 19 cm long / 7 cm widePerfect for the first and last days of your periods or with a menstrual cup.

Completely eliminate any worry over vaginal discharge and small urinary leaks.

Day pad: 24 cm long / 8.5 cm wide

Discreet and absorbent, the day pad is the same size as most traditional pads. It can be used during the day under any kind of clothes and has to be changed every 2 to 5 hours depending on individual flow.

Overnight pad: 30 cm long / 12 cm wideLonger and wider than the other pads, the night pad has a double absorbent layer.  It is perfect for heavy flows or complete overnight protection.


$5 from the sale of any apiafrique product goes to support the PowerfulMe Initiative.

apiafrique reusable pads

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  • We do not accept returns of menstrual products.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Flat rate shipping is available.  

    Within the Peace River limits, delivery is available at no cost.

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