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This wellness kit is tailored to your needs when your menstrual cycle takes over. We aim to provide you with useful products that help you to manage your period with ease.


Products included:

Your choice of tampons and pads

Washable/reusable day pad

Emergency chocolate

Lip balm

AboutU heating pad

Red Death Tea (Green Goddess)

Happy Hormones essential oil(Called Women's Blend by the Green Goddess and can be used by anyone who menstruates)

Coffee mug by MoreJoyBetterLife


Other specialty items may be included.


If you choose the subscription option, you will receive a total of 2 day pads, 1 coffee mug, and a small essential oil blend each month. Your regular monthly choice of tampons and pads will be included, along with the other items.

Menstrual Flow and Care Wellness Kit

Day Pad
Price Options
One-time purchase
Nature's High Needs
C$58.99every month until canceled
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