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So what is a Yoni Egg and what does it do? Our Yoni Eggs are carved, smooth, hard, egg shaped crystals with a cord attached via a hole drilled near the top. They come in small, medium and large sizes. They are made of Nephrite Jade.

Starting with the large or possibly medium size, you practice "holding" the egg in the Yoni, and other simple exercises, which tightens and tones the pelvic floor.

As you get more sensitivity with your Yoni Egg practice, you switch to a smaller size, for increased toning and benefits.

A Yoni Egg can help improve your overall feminine health, learning to love and respect your sacred space, and helps in letting go of old emotional traumas that are no longer serving you.

Other benefits include:

*Increased bladder control and prevent/reverse incontinence

*Increase your natural lubrication

*Post-partum recovery, to tighten and tone the Yoni after childbirth

*Be more in tune with your sensuality

*Develop stronger orgasms and G-spot response

*Improve sex life, for yourself and for your partner

*Help reduce menstrual cramps and heavy menstruation

*Forge a deeper connection with your divine feminine side

*Activate your energy flow and come back into the flow of life

*Hot stone massage

*Bring your Yoni back into balance (activate or relax the right muscles)

*Experience your own, beautiful, exquisite female energy on a different, deeper level (healing self-love)

*Feel grounded and centered and be more aware of your boundaries

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg

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