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This diaper bag is equipped with everything and is ready to go! This amazing ‘kit’ can be used as a back up bag, primary bag, the “Grandparents house” bag, or a baby shower gift. Just add diapers!!!

Products included:

Diaper rash cream (Made by the Green Goddess)

Huggies scent free baby wipes

Ceramic Coffee mug with lid

Baby Socks

Baby Blanket


Baby Book

Safety First Health Kit

Baby Toy

Snack Catcher (not going to lie; could be used for parents)

Protein Bars for the parents

Small selection of new 3-6 month baby clothes

Boogie Wipes.

Also included: 1 play tex baby bottle set (3 4 oz bottles with naturalatch comfort nipples and 15 pre sterilized disposable liners) if you are breastfeeding note this is in the comments and we will add in a small sample of nipple butter. Use these bottles as a back up in the event an emergency happens

This is all packed up into one convenient diaper bag made by Thirty One. The bag itself retails at $104.00 through thirty one.

Disclaimers. We cannot guarantee these specific products will work for you and your baby, just know that if you have any other recommendations to let us know. We do believe in each of these products and if they do not work for you please see our exchange and return policy.


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