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Our aim is to takeover illness with wellness. Sometimes what we need are things to simply get us through physical recovery.  So, whether this means you are going through chemotherapy, treatment for hepatitis, or going through any sort of extended hospital stays this kit is for you. We know that you didn’t wake up one day wanting the illness, so let’s work on your recovery together.


Products included in this kit are:

An Active Tube

Ginger Tea

Eye Mask for sleeping

Back Scratcher

Bluetooth ear buds

Colouring book with pencil crayons

Hand Sanitizer

Other specialty products may be included.


Please note that we require 5 -15 days for processing and shipping. For larger orders, please let us know so we can coordinate.  Also note that products as shown may not be the same colour or are exactly as shown.

Thank you for your patience.

Recovery Kit

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