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A History of AboutU.

Hello good friends!

My name is Victoria Champion and I am here to tell you all AboutU.

AboutU. started about several years ago as just an idea. I have always wanted to start my own business, as well as my own blog. So, while the blog and social media part started several years ago, the business side is just beginning!

I could not stand still and not tell you about all the amazing things in life. I could also not sit here and not talk about opportunity, feminism, and periods, period!

AboutU. began as a thing in the back of mind that came with the struggles of being a woman. It started with things that happened like being quite poor and not being able to afford birth control or tampons. It started the first time my son asked me about sex. It started with the time parents of a youth I was working with didn't know how to talk about periods.

The moment where I knew that I needed to do something was when I was talking to a dear friend and how access to feminine supplies is so scarce for our homeless population. That was it. That moment, that heartbreaking moment where I knew I needed to "Be The Change." (Ghandi)

I started taking steps to build my confidence so that I could do this. I attended business events, started taking courses, attended women's events (such as the Women's Trailblazer Event as shown in the picture above), and I started thinking more about what I will say. So here we are.

In the future, I hope to take issues and talk about them.

I want this blog to be more than about me. It is AboutU.

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