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Tips and Tricks

Hello friends!

The last 6 months for me have been quite terrible in regards to my periods. I have had long periods, terrible cramping, and way more blood than I am used to.

There is one thing I need to discuss first, before going into details about how we can make our periods a little more manageable. <BLOOD> It seems as though when we are given the opportunity to talk about periods, we avoid the word like it's, well, blood. So, blood blood blood blood blood. Let's get it out there.

Here are a few things I have learned in getting through this time of the month.

1) Yoga. For some reason downward dog and stretching keeps my circulation going, most likely releasing endorphin's to reduce pain. Just watch leakage on this one, with the moving circulation comes extra blood flow.

2) Lavender essential oils and herbal teas. The relaxing feeling has helped to reduce the cramps. Different herbal teas have so many healing benefits. Look into one that works for you. (pictured above: Sagittarius Bloom Tea)

3) Reduce salt intake. This one is tricky. Let's just leave it at that.

4) A warm bath. Lots of bubbles and a warm cup of tea. This has proven a bit more difficult in the summer, because who wants to take a bath when it is 30 degrees celsius outside. Super helpful in the cramping department though.

5) Multi-vitamins. This seems to be most helpful when it comes to the fatigue, but it is definitely beneficial for anyone who struggles with anemia during this time.

6) A heating pad right on your stomach/pelvic area. This is super helpful for anyone with any pain in that area, including people that are suffering from endometriosis, cancer, cysts, and any other pelvic pain(there are so many, I am sorry I can't list them all).

7) More water. Lots of water will help with so many things, including keeping you regular. When it comes to your period, sometimes people get constipated or get diarrhea. Either way, the extra water will be good for you. We could all use more right?

8) Crunches and kegels. Okay, hate me all you want for this one. Working your abdominal muscles and doing kegels will strengthen your pelvic floor, reducing cramping overtime.

9) Period underwear plus your regular menstrual products, whether that be tampons, pads, or a menstrual cup. Between the extra blood and the clots, period underwear has given me an extra level of protection.

10) Free Bleeding. I know, totally discounts the previous point. The issue that I have had, along with many other women I am sure, is keeping the rubbing, rashes, and chafing in check. I will generally try to spend 1 evening during the course of my period to free bleed for a few hours. It helps with cramping(tampons can sometimes make cramps worse), chafing, and it is actually quite comfortable.

If you have any other tips and tricks, send them my way and I will get the message out to anyone that needs it!

After all, it's AboutU.

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