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Free Bleeding

This journey that I embarked on with free bleeding was exciting. It started with not being able to afford menstrual products because my son took priority. I honestly didn’t even know at that time if there were programs to help me with that.

I started by rationing my tampons and pads (later in life, praise be for the menstrual cup). I noticed that I needed x amount for my cycle but that day 1,5, & 6 I could get away without any supplies. I was working from home at the time so if I had a surge of flow, I could just use the supplies I did have. It was freeing. I could simply just let the blood flow. I got really good at stain removing, but I would just use the age old panties or honestly, wear a dress and let it truly flow. I felt connected to my body more than ever.

Then I started running. Running while free bleeding is a whole other thing. The wetness can be uncomfortable. I do not recommend in the winter up here in the North. With all that being said, running has an element of freedom and free bleeding while running gives you a sense of power and adrenaline. I felt as though I was a super hero that could legitimately take on the world. Society had told us for so long that we must hide our menstruation. Well I am here to tell you that you are allowed to feel however you want to feel.

Free bleeding opened up a world for me. A world where society didn´t get to dictate what I did with my body. I would go into community, would go to the store, and eventually I would work as I bled freely. Empowering is what I would call it. I also probably saved the environment a bit.

Later, it would happen that my body changed and I wouldn’t be able to free bleed. I became anemic and I ended up opting for other measures. These are stories for another day.

So, would I recommend free bleeding? Well, this isn’t about me. This is AboutU. If you want to try it, I support you.

Writer: Victoria Champion, CEO


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