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Self Care....for real

For a long time I had this view of what self care I thought reading, bubble baths, and wine. I thought that if I had enough baths that my stress would melt away. Well, I am calling it. I am calling BS on the whole thing.

Self-care is about looking internally and figuring out what you truly need. It means maybe going to therapy, or joining a support group, or addressing the trauma you had as a child. A bubble bath means nothing if you sit and stress over the things you haven’t worked through. Self-care means that you sometimes need to do the hard thing in order to do the thing that brings you joy, such as a bubble bath and a book. The thing is, I don’t actually know what you need, so it’s kind of ironic that I am trying to sell you stuff to help you through it. Maybe you do need the bubble and the book because it gives a half hour of quiet away from the world and it really has nothing to do at all with the bubbles. Although say bubbles three times out loud and not smile.

What I do know is that there are some things that work for me. I personally need to get outside. I love to run. Running gives me endorphins and let me tell you, the runners high is real. I do love yoga but the biggest thing when it comes to self care is that I listen to my body and if when I go to do yoga my body is telling me to do cardio instead, I listen. The best self-care thing I have done is to find out who I am. The more I do that, the more I can identify with my body and mind in order to give it nourishment.

I know that for me breath work and grounding techniques work, which is why we include kits that utilize these. I know that sometimes the stress of life is so much that showering is too much which is why we include dry shampoo with our mental health kit. I don‘t know. We want to provide every opportunity for you to experience a healthy life.

What I do know based on training, life experience, and raising a child is that you deserve to feel healthy. You cannot be your best employee, mother, father, boyfriend, wife, uncle, server, doctor, officer, whatever; without caring for yourself. So go out there and work on your inner child, get that counsellor in place, go on a date with yourself, wash the dishes because only creator knows that you hate waking up to a dirty counter.

You deserve a life where you can truly enjoy that bubble bath at the end of the day.

After all, this is AboutU.

Writer: Victoria Champion, CEO

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