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A selection of four great-tasting herbal teas to suit your every mood.

Honeybush, Mandarin & Orange: A refreshing herbal tea made with honeybush and the delicious citrus flavours of mandarin and orange.

Goodnight™ Blend: A comforting herbal tea expertly blended with camomile, spearmint and the subtle flavour of lemongrass to deliver a soothing tea with a warm, inviting aroma and smooth, mellow taste.

Lemon & Ginger: We blend together ginger root, lemongrass, linden, lemon peel, blackberry leaves and natural flavours to craft a lively tea where the ginger is not too overpowering and the lemon flavour is just right.

Pure Camomile: Its smooth, mellow taste is a perfect way to wind down after a long day.

Twinings Variety Pack - Herbal

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