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Stuffies, Cleaning, and Humanity

As we enter into spring many people are considering spring cleaning. AboutU has been providing cleaning services for people who need more than just a cleaning service. Cleaning services are so valuable. We are here because it is unique to everyone and is all AboutU. Let me explain.

The picture of the stuffed animal above is a special beaver bought by a parent during her first pregnancy. This parent is now on her third pregnancy and the child she bought this little guy for is almost in the double digits!! We have been supporting this family in reorganization and cleaning as the new baby draws near. In one of my last visits to the home, this little guy (pictured) was found. Running a farm, having children, growing a human, in addition to the struggles over the last couple years, the family has been having a hard time keeping up. This little beaver somehow got left outside, rained on, and adopted by chickens!!! I could see the pain in the mom’s eyes as she mentioned that she should just throw him out. I pulled some info (on how she got the him) and she agreed that she would wash him. Knowing that this could mean a lot to her, I offered to give him a bath and take him in for a few days. The beaver is now all cleaned up (as shown in the picture) and back in his home. The gratitude I was shown was more than I could ever ask for. She mentioned that I had rescued him. I thought that was beautiful.

Stuffed animals bring joy and so much love to a home. Our cleaning services are here to help you through things that you might not have expected. Things like if you are going through a bout of depression or have ADHD and need a body double to get things done. Maybe you have a brain injury and need the extra help. Or maybe you need someone to show you kindness.

I can’t say for sure what you need but when we come to you, we come in a non judgmental way. We see that through all of the chaos you are asking for more than a clean house. Things like having something such as a clean fridge or a clean bathroom, or heck, even a clean beaver can make all the difference in the world.


Writer: Victoria Champion


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