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Growing in Body Positivity

As I write this, I am reflecting on the journey my body has taken with me.

I started my 20’s with a c-section and birthed a beautiful son. I have gone through bruises, weight gain, weight loss, lumps, bumps, and blood. I have always tried to be healthy and so with that; this year I joined some friends in participating in some activities. One of those activities is swimming!

I grew up a swimmer. I long for the days when I could swim a kilometre with no sweat, eat a full bag of chips, and still have my bestie comment on my 6 pack-actual stomach 6 pack and not beer! Through all my years though, I continued to hide in the change room. From the young girl who at one point was actually quite proud of how fit I was, to the mom of a young one who attempted to hide her body while changing, to the woman I am now who promotes body positivity and to love yourself. I have always admired women who can walk into a change room, get undressed, allowing oneself to be free and open with the people around them. I could never be that person. I remember thinking that the only reason is because of shame. Shame that my body isn’t perfect. Shame that my rolls, stretch marks, and weird bumps would be judged. By whom, I don’t know. I can’t imagine any of the other women in that change room judging my body. You would think I want people to look at my body as I have a giant tattoo on my lower back, but the thought of other people seeing my FLAWED body scares me to no end.

So, today. I leave the pool a half hour early than everyone. I go to my locker and decide right then and there that I am just going to get undressed and not play the game of trying to keep my belongings protected while I sneak into a change room. I am just going to get undressed right there. If someone comes in, then I guess they get to see my butt and tattoo.

As I tried quickly to put my clothes on, I started to panic a bit. My leggings were not coming on. They were stuck against my semi wet legs. So that’s when it hit me. I stood there, took a breath, and allowed whatever is to be, to be. Embracing the power of my body.

I have never felt more empowered. I didn’t realize that I could feel this way.

Okay, so I was ALONE naked in a room. Still though, baby steps.

I guess my message is that, if you are feeling stuck, give your body some love. Maybe some public (legal) nudity is just the ticket.

Written by: Victoria Champion, CEO

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